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Controllo qualità

Quality control

I controlli di qualità iniziano dalle materie prime utilizzate

(conformi ai capitolati) e continuano in fase produttiva.

Prima dello stoccaggio in bulk e del frazionamento nei

contenitori, viene effettuato il controllo chimico fisico e


Il laboratorio dispone di sofisticate apparecchiature per ogni

tipo di controllo, analisi e valutazione dei prodotti.

The quality checks start with the raw materials used (which

must comply with specifications) and continue in the production


Chemical, physical and microbiological checks are carried out

before bulk storage and division in containers.

The laboratory has sophisticated equipment for product

checks, analyses and assessments of all kinds.



Il confezionamento si avvale di quattro linee automatiche

per frazionamento, chiusura ed etichettatura (vasi e

flaconi), due intubettatrici per una capacità complessiva

di 8600 pezzi/ora, cinque dosatrici semiautomatiche,

con range di dosata da 10 a 1000 mL, per piccoli lotti,

due lottizzatrici inkjet; il confezionamento terminale

dispone di un’astucciatrice automatica e di cellofanatrice

automatica per sigillare i singoli astucci in pellicola

trasparente, per un aspetto sofisticato e di alta classe.

The packaging area has four automatic lines for separation,

closing and labelling (pots and bottles), two tube-filling

machines with an overall capacity of 8600 items/hour, five

semi-automatic filling machines with a range of 10 ml to 1000

ml for small batches, and two inkjet batch printers. In the final

packaging section, there is an automatic cartoning machine

and an automatic overwrapping machine to seal the individual

cartons in cellophane and give them a refined, sophisticated


The research and development department is capable of

satisfying a wide range of requirements and has created over

3500 formulations. Our technicians use their vast expertise

to create customized, specially tailored products of the very

highest standard for competitive prices. We also work for

specialist lines from luxury niche markets with extremely high

value added.

Working in parallel with the research team, the chemical

and microbiological QA laboratories carry out product quality

analyses, conduct chemical and microbiological tests to

establish the lifespan for PAO labels, and use the Diffey-Robson

method for rapid determination of the SPF of sun products.

• Specific formulations for every need

• Assistance with technical matters and legislation

• Chemical and physical analyses

• Challenger test

• Establishment of the lifetime for PAO (Period After Opening)


• Rapid determination of the SPF of sun products using the

Diffey-Robson method with Sun Protection Factor (UVB/UVA)

rapid evaluation by spectrophotometer

• Creation of PIF (Product Information File) according to Regulation